Relaxing Jazz in Hotel Room!

Relaxing Jazz in Hotel Room music album cover

Release Date: March 8, 2017
Label: Jazz NY Production
Copyright: ℗ 2017 Jazz NY Production © 2017 Rehegoo NY Corp.
Total Length: 1:15:50
Number of Tracks: 25
Genres: Miscellaneous

Another album for a time of chill out and relaxation. Special collection for a hotel room will make you feel like home during your journey. Take a look at the songs titles to see what will be useful for you. Romantic evening, sentimental mood, stressful day – you will find here tracks for all of this actually. If you want to get rid of feeling an anxiety and awkward silence, this music from various artists can help.

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Smooth Sexy Jazz

Smooth Sexy Jazz Album Cover

Release Date: March 7, 2016
Label: New Jazz Records
Copyright: 2016 Rehegoo Music Edition
Total Length: 1:39:50
Number of Tracks: 30
Genres: Jazz

Have you ever made a love songs medley for your Wonderwall? Do you remember especially those medleys that were recorded on tapes or CDs (some may not, we feel so old right now 😉 ). We were musing about it as we found our high-school Valentine’s gifts. They were our inspirations for creating Smooth Sexy Jazz.

Love Songs medleys – a dozen or so tracks which purpose was to fall head over heels in love with somebody. It wasn’t easy to make but carried a lot more meaning than e.g Youtube compilations nowadays. This makes the Smooth Sexy Jazz a perfect compilation to ingratiate you with your Sweetheart on romantic rendezvous.

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Background Music for Restaurants

Background Music for Restaurants Album Cover

Release Date: August 4, 2015
Label: New Jazz Records
Copyright: 2015 Rehegoo Music Edition
Total Length: 1:36:12
Number of Tracks: 30
Genres: International, Jazz

Have you chosen a right music for dining? Are you considering if there is a point in playing something for yourself or customers at all, maybe? Well, background music has a big part when it comes to evaluating dining experience.

Music can change a mood and influence you in a good or bad way. It may sound like a cliche, but you may not want to play e.g. deathcore metal or hard bass unless it fits your Dine’s vibe.

Not having music at all can be harmful too. For example, some people like to dine without any company. For them, silence can be unbearable. Pick and play Relaxing Piano Music the Background Music for Restaurants.

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Restaurant Jazz Piano Music

Restaurant Jazz Piano Music Album Cover

Release Date: May 14, 2015
Label: New Jazz Records
Copyright: 2015 Rehegoo Music Edition
Total Length: 1:34:13
Number of Tracks: 30
Genres: Classical, Jazz

The Blend of Classical Music and Jazz creates an inspiring album called Restaurant Jazz Piano Music. On this Record, you can find an amazing instrumental compilation that outstands a romantic mood.

30 pieces contained on Restaurant Jazz Piano Music create a relaxing ambiance. Melodies are delicate, heartfelt and very feminine. This Album would take a fancy to Smooth Jazz Fans.

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Jazz Piano Music

Jazz Piano Music Cover Photo

Release Date: April 2, 2015
Label: Moonlit Records
Copyright: 2015 Rehegoo Music Edition
Total Length: 1:42:01
Number of Tracks: 30
Generes: Jazz

Jazz Piano Music is a Solo Piano Restaurant Background Music. Experimental, Improvised album that comes from our hearts.

Engage all the senses by serving a delicious meal and playing the Jazz Piano Music and elevate your customer’s experience.

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