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We are proud to say we are part of the Rehegoo Music, an amazing music label which you should all know about. This company is different. We are different. That is why cooperation goes so well.

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Enjoy a Taste of Jazz

+'A Taste of Jazz' album cover

Release Date: August 3, 2017
Label: New Jazz Records
Copyright: 2017 Rehegoo Music Edition
Total Length: 1:29:00
Number of Tracks: 25
Genres: Jazz

‘A Taste of Jazz’ is the latest album, which is a perfect soundtrack for several various meetings that include eating. For instance, it can create a great atmosphere for family dinners or picnics. Jazz music on this album features a lot of instrumental (pianos, drums, guitars, et cetera) melodies – they offer sweet relaxation & a promise of a superb time amongst people that are close to you.

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