Jazz & Glass of Wine

jazz ang glass of wine restaurant

Release Date: April 3, 2018
Label: Instrumental Jazz Group
Copyright: © 2018 Rehegoo Music
Total Length: 1:53:49
Number of Tracks: 30
Genres: Miscellaneous

Jazz & Glass of Wine: Moody Restaurant Background for Parisian Romantic Dinner, Table for Two & Date Night

is another album released by Restaurant Background Music Academy. It contains 30 tracks with great jazz sounds. Find this album online – Just click on below icons:

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Album perfect for Wedding Time


Winter Wedding restaurant background music academy

Release Date: December 4, 2017
Label: Smooth Lounge Jazz Rec
Copyright: © 2017 Rehegoo Music
Total Length: 1:07:17
Number of Tracks: 25
Genres: Miscellaneous

Restaurant Background Music Academy presents music album which is prepared specially for wedding time.
Winter Wedding Album: Romantic Piano Music, Love Rhythms, Wedding Jazz
consist of 25 tracks which should be considered for your Wedding! Find this album online and enjoy this good music!

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Jazz Sounds for Christmas

Smooth christmas jazz music album cover

Release Date: December 1, 2017
Label: World Hill Project
Copyright: © 2017 Rehegoo Music
Total Length: 1:37:40
Number of Tracks: 30
Genres: New Age

Smooth Christmas Jazz: Merry Christmas with Chicago Jazz Lounge
is the best background music for Christmas time. You can also listen to it during dinner, lunch or friends meeting. Those 30 tracks are a compilation of sax, bells, piano, and other sounds. Let’s check this out:
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Worldwide restaurant’s curio

In Vietnam, you can order wine from the blood of cobra, but in vain look for successful vintages. “Wine” is made all the time. Waiter kills the cobra and squeezes blood straight into a glass in front of the thirsty client. If that is not enough, the beating heart of the serpent also gets into the glass. Oh, for a snack.



“Modern Toilet” is the restaurant, where customers eat while they sit on a toilet sit. The dishes are served in the toilet bowl and a napkin look like a toilet paper.

toilet modern


In different countries, there are some restaurants where you can experience “Dinner in The Dark”. You have a blindfold while you eat a dish. The purpose of this measure is to find a better taste of what you eat.


Do you know other curiosities? Share it with us!

The World’s incredible restaurants

We want to show you the few restaurant from all over the world. Do you want to visit them?


  1. Dinner in the sky – A Belgian idea, which you can find in a lot of countries.res dinner in the sky belgian idea
  2. Four Seasons, Bali, Sayan Resort REs four seasons bali sayan resort
  3.  The view of Mont-Blanc, Le Panoramicio, Francerestar Chamonix France
  4. Ithaa Undersea restaurant – Maledives
    restauran2 Maldives Ithaa Undersea Restaurant at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island
  5. Ku De Ta – Singapure
    Ku De Ta in Singapore

Music for Dinner and Coffee Break

Piano Restaurant Music album cover

Release Date: November 2, 2017
Label: New Jazz Records
Copyright: © 2017 Rehegoo Music
Total Length: 1:25:21
Number of Tracks: 25
Genres: Miscellaneous

We are presenting you our new album, which is dedicated especially for restaurants and cafes. Those 25 tracks consist principally happy sounds, chill jazz, and peaceful songs. Mainly, there is the piano music with accompanied by other instrumentals.
This album is perfect as a background music. If you are looking for the restaurant music, this is the perfect opportunity to find this album online!

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